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The Benefits of Working with a Specialized Insurance Program

The Benefits of Working with a Specialized Insurance Program

Not one policy covers everything, and not every insurer is prepared to provide coverage for every possible scenario. In many cases, a commercial historic property owner also needs specialized coverage—such as specialized building insurance. With over 92,000 historic properties listed on the National Register, there’s no doubt that those buildings have to be completely covered.

Thanks to the partnership with Zurich North America, MDP/NTIS is able to offer specialized coverage that focuses on all of the risks that historic property owners face while managing a historic building. Specialized coverage isn’t exclusive to the historic property industry; it’s found in every niche market from cyber security to business interruption, service industries and more. Here’s what it’s like to work with a specialized program, and why it is the best choice for historic properties and other hard-to-place risks.

Product Offerings

The in-depth knowledge in a certain field is the big reason why specialization is critical for a business to have. It’s the only way to be sure you’re getting the best possible coverage for your historic property. An insurance broker knows their niche market from beginning to end, staying up-to-date on everything they need to know that’ll offer you specifically tailored coverage.

Our specialized coverage is designed specifically with historic property owners in mind, with multiple coverages such as Historic Replacement Cost, Guaranteed Replacement Cost, Agreed Value, Historic Tax Credit Coverage and Historic Appraisals.


Specialized brokers deal with their niche market almost exclusively, bringing in a lot of business to an insurance company; this means that their business is valued and underwriters are more willing to negotiate on terms, coverages and sometimes also rates.


Specialty programs have extensive experience with claims, meaning that you’ll be guided entirely through the claim process. As a historic property owner, you have more than enough to deal with when it comes down to managing your property, and a specialty insurance broker can handle some of the more difficult claims.